i really don’t like talking about myself because i always have nothing to say other than 1) i write, 2) i complain, 3) i like pizza. like literally that’s all you have to know about me ////

but uhhh hmmm what do i even say here or more like what do you guys want to know about me ?????? check out my #komus corner tag for my rambling and you might find out a thing or two from there lmao

i’m a taurus! girls are coolio. my otps are #ereri and #eruri — ofc there’s more but i’m just too lazy to link them otl

and yeaaaa

you should def chat me up

if we’ve been talking for a while, feel free to ask for my skype

i’m nice i swear sobs

also here’s my uggo face ??? ??????????

i’m sorry, you probably came here hoping to learn more about me but all you got was me rambling hahahaha ;;;;