ten bucks the new deal's going to be on the exam so let's review them

first and foremost, FDR did the new deals. remember: we call FDR by his initials, and guess what?? the new deals are often called by their initials too wow what a coincidence

**first thing FDR did was close down the banks for inspection (emergency banking relief act / EBRA); this showed that he was going to do something about the great depression**

FDIC (1933)

  • federal deposit insurance corporation
  • created by the glass-steagall act
  • protected bank deposits (up to $5000); assured people that their money was safe
  • remember: if you look through the glass windows of a bank, you’ll see that your deposit is safe with them

FERA (1933)

  • federal emergency relief administration; led by harry hopkins
  • bounced off of RFC (hoover’s program to help unemployed)
  • distributed $500 mill to state to help poor / unemployed
  • remember: after receiving help, the unemployed man was relieved and hopeful about a better future

CCC (1933)

  • civilian conservation corps; sought to improve the environment
  • sent 18-25 year old men to rural areas to work
  • money earned would be sent to their grandparents
  • remember: the corps is an army of young men

NIRA (1933)

  • national industrial recovery act (later declared unconstitutional)
  • better working conditions shortened hours, minimum wages for workers
  • NRA (national recovery act): codes for fair competition
  • remember: nira, a sickly girl, recovered after she had better work hours and was able to rest (thank you just-mahal!)

AAA (1933)

  • agricultural adjustment act (later declared unconstitutional)
  • farmers took out loan to grow crops; overproduced and no one bought them, so farmers in debt
  • payed farmers not to grow crops

TVA (1933)

  • tennessee valley authority
  • created jobs in appalachian valley (built dam); brought electricity
  • remember: TV uses electricity
  • **also check out tennesseevalleyauthority’s tumblr for more apush review**

SEC (1934)

  • securities and exchange commissions
  • "stock cops" — monitored stock market prices
  • remember: it’ll seck to be caught by stock cops




WPA (1935)

  • works progress administration
  • jobs for artists, writers, photographers, etc
  • remember: WIP (looks similar to WPA ok) = work in progress aka what artists and writers say all the time

Wagner Act / NLRB (1935)

  • national labor relations board
  • in response to the ending of NIRA
  • rights for collective bargaining and workers to organize / join unions
  • remember: if you’re happy to join a union, wag your tail! (*to the tune of if you’re happy and you know it)

SSA (1935)

  • social security act
  • financial aid for unemployed / elderly / disabled
  • insurance / retirement plan for elderly
  • remember: you spend your entire life working up the ladder. when you reach 65, you start climbing back down (aka you’re going backwards). SSA is ASS backwards. this isn’t relevant at all, but you’ll remember it

Fair Labor Standards Act (1938)

  • set minimum wage / maximum hours and no child labor
  • remember: can’t think of anything quirky here either i mean it’s kinda in the name so

**there are a couple of more, but their names should give away what they are**

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