Sassy Sasuke Leaves the Village

  • Sasuke: I'm leaving Konoha.
  • Sasuke: So take a good, hard look at this Uchiha emblem on my back.

  • basedmanga:

    baddude: “im a goddam villain i like destroyed the shit outta this world.”

    naruto: yeah but you wann be my friend?

    bad dude:”no??? what the fuck??? im tryina destroy the world???”

    *naruto beats the shit outta the villain*

    naruto: yeah now you wanna be my bffl???

    bad dude: “o…ok… i guess…”

    ♪*WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMER!! 日本のものの束は、私が日本を行う方法自演はありません!!!!!*♫♬


    my headcanon is that sasuke keeps his hoodies unzipped a quarter way and resolves conflicts by completely unzipping his hoodie

  • person: who is your favorite avenger?
  • me: Sasuke
  • person: what
  • me: what

  • neyruto:

    look at the way sasuke touches kakashis bells its the most homoerotic thing ive ever seen in my WHOLE life i wouldnt be surprised if this was traced from sensitive pornograph or something 

    raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by uchiha sasuke

  • EVERYBODY: *raises hand*

  • sam-brochester:



    wow, this is like every anime fan remembering their weeaboo stage.

    Even Naruto is embarrassed of his Naruto stage.

    Even Naruto is embarrassed of his Naruto stage


    what if when kakashi was young he really liked cats and wanted them as his ninja summons but they were unfriendly and clawed his face when he was playing with them, and from then on he was like “hell no i’m getting ninken instead they’re way better”